Hello Folks,

Well as I don’t have my own computer and have to rely on my local library (another good reason not to close them) or obliging clients who let me use theirs, I feel my blogs could be a bit sporadic!

I am waiting with trepidation to start my next pet sit.  I’ve had a few false starts with these clients and haven’t had contact with their animals since 2009!  So I will be thrown in at the deep end on Thursday morning when I start my sit.  Not ideal as I like to have some time with the animals, especially dogs,  before taking on any new job.  Still it’s not always possible or practical to have more than a cursory introduction to the home and pets.  At least my clients are holidaying within the county and will only be away for a few days.

I will be caring for a young, male, golden retriever called Brodie and five cats.  My client said she’d take photos of each cat so that I can put a name to a feline and to each cat’s “mug shot”  a list of its special needs will be attached.  I always appreciate clear instructions.  I will have some time with my clients before they leave for their short break so they will be able to refresh my memory as to whereabouts of the stopcock!  The property I will be looking after is not so far from where I live, unfortunately there isn’t a local bus service, however my client’s have kindly offered to collect me and drop me home. 

Warmest fishes,