Hello Folks,

I went to bed last night with a cat on my pillow and woke with the cat on my head and a scratch on the end of my nose!   You must be wondering how I ended up with a cat on my pillow? Simple, the duvet was too heavy for Raggles to snuggle under and she got a bit claustrophobic.  The five assorted Persians and bouncy golden retriever all have free run of the house and so I ended up with most of them on my bed, apart from the dog, Brodie, who slept at the foot of it.  I didn’t get much sleep the four nights of my stay as there was usually at least one cat bringing up a fur ball on the pale carpets or a feline who wouldn’t come in until the small hours when he/she would casually saunter in with a flick of the tail and a look of ` have I kept you up?!’

I did worry that having only been briefly introduced to the cats  I’d have problems with the more nervous moggies, especially as I had to medicate one of them.  However, once meal times came around I was everyone’s best friend and Domino, who’d been very reluctant to let me anywhere near him with a syringe was so preoccupied with his dinner I was able to dose him!  He did forgive me for my stealth tactics eventually.

On the canine side of things it was very social as most of the village dog owner’s walked their pooches in a nearby field so if I timed Brodie’s exercise right he’d usually have a doggy pal or two to charge about  with.  Unfortunately not everyone who emptied their mutts in the field picked up after them and at times it was a case of careful where you tread!

At first the weather was gorgeous, warm and sunny; clean and dry animals.  It didn’t last and we were back to heavy showers, vigorous towel drying and a blast with my travel hair dryer for Brodie and myself.  As soon as I picked up the towel to mop up a moggy it disappeared.  Attempting to use the drier would’ve probably sent them into orbit!

The fish were happy not to be walked or towel dried!

My sit past nearly without incident.  Although my clients gave me full instructions on caring for their critters they forgot to tell me not to close the conservatory door (the old front door) as I could be locked out!  This I discovered whilst trying to get the last cat in without letting out the others.  Still it was a good way to meet the neighbours who had a spare key!

This morning I was in the middle of hoovering and tidying up thinking that I had plenty of time to make everything clean and tidy before my clients return when Brodie started barking and there on the drive were his owners.  They apologized for being early and told me not to rush to pack up my things. I just hope I didn’t leave anything embarrassing behind in my haste.  Thankfully they were pleased with what I’d achieved and glad that it hadn’t all been too much work for me.  So it looks like I have another client to add to my list.

Warmest fishes,