Hello Folks,

I spent what will probably be the warmest weekend this October in the class room!  It was well worth it though as I was undertaking a Companion Animal First Aid course run by Truro College and being held at the Open Learning Centre in Newquay.  We spent the two days practicing mouth to nose resuscitation and heart massage on an obliging dummy dog called Casper and got to practice taking the pulse of a very hairy Newfoundland, called Duncan, which he bore with a look of good-natured resignation as all seven of us groped about his undercarriage trying to locate the femoral artery!  And NO, we weren’t rummaging about in the trouser area of a gentleman called Duncan from Newfoundland, that was a different course entirely!!!  We also learnt how to bandage ears, the tail, chest,  feet and the limbs of soft toys, our canine prop’s patience not being up to the seven of us mummifying him. It was a very intensive course with a practical test at the end of day two.  There was little time for anything other than studying, although I did manage to do my homework and read through the course notes sitting on Towen beech.  We learnt how to make an animal comfortable and stable until it received veterinary treatment and I’m pleased to say that we all passed. I can’t wait to practice my new skills on a living creature although I’d rather it wasn’t in an emergency situation!

Warmest fishes,