Hello Folks,

For some days now I’ve been noticing the smell of wet dog but it wasn’t until I was standing in a queue at the Post Office and people started edging away from me that I realized I was emanating the dodgy odour!   I decided I’d better buy myself a new dog walking coat before I made the journey to Somerset in the confined space of a National Express coach.  I now possess my second Australian stockmen style coat which is long, lightweight and waterproof but which cannot be machine washed or dry cleaned and smells faintly of plastic since the manufacturers decided to do away with the cotton lining and replace it with a synthetic one.  Things have been getting a little moist under my new coat in this mild weather which makes me wonder why, if the manufacturers have gone to all the trouble of making a garment out of a breathable fabric would they then line it with polyester?  Oh to be able to wrestle an authentic stockmen’s coat off the back of an authentic Australian stockman!

Enough of my flights of fancy, I digress.  I left a dreary damp and grey Cornwall on Thursday morning to find blue sky over Taunton only to be told by a fellow passenger that it was coming in cold and wet on Sunday night!

My clients kindly collected me from Taunton and drove me to their lovely home in Minehead where I was able to familiarize myself with the location of both stopcock and fuse box and re-aquaint myself with the dogs, who are both good-natured and appear to be non shedding which is always a plus when light coloured furnishings are involved……..

Warmest fishes,