Hello Folks,

I won’t be needing my retriever coloured trousers for this sit as my new charges have dark coats.  I am looking after two standard poodles, Kloe (with a K)  a brown, ten-year old bitch and Lola who is a black three-year old bitch.  For those of you who aren’t familiar with poodle topiary imagine a smaller and more elegant silver back gorilla with a really funky `fro and that’s Lola. Her forelock is kept tidy and out of her eyes in a complicated arrangement of bunches held in place by elastic bands.  Kloe has a more sober clip with ears and legs left on.  The closest thing either dog has to a pom-pom is  on the end of their tails!  They are both very striking to look at and I spend most of my time picking bits of the garden or countryside out of their coats.   I’m glad the weather is settled for the moment as the customised dog drier is defunct and if I run out of dry towels I may have to use my trusty travel hair drier as a last resort.

Lola and Kloe (with a K)  are exercised for a couple of hours each day so I yomp them up onto North Hill,  a favourite place for ramblers and dog walkers alike.  It took me a little while to get the hang of using extendable leads again.  Having been dragged by the girls into the undergrowth after the tail end of a squirrel it seemed to me that allowing both dogs free rein was not a good idea so whilst Kloe with a K walks to heel Lola goes on ahead to have a good sniff and vice vera.  Once the girls and I are more used to each other I will let them off the lead one at I time to start with until then I will have to persevere with untangling my canine charges from the gorse bushes!

Warmest fishes,