Hello Folks,

This pet sit is almost at an end and I have finally got the hang of the extendable leads!  If you have been walking up on North Hill, Minehead recently and have had your ears assailed by my outbursts of frustration as I unwrap lead and dog from yet another gorse bush, I do apologise.

My canine charges have been on their best behaviour, they are such good company although the conversation is a little one-sided.  My Clients return tomorrow and I am hoping to present them with two clean and tidy poodles so I’m keeping my fingers crossed that the rain holds off for our last walk together.

We’ve had some wonderful yomps on the hills above Minehead and some glorious weather.  I would have liked to have stopped to admire the views more but I’ve had to keep my focus on the dogs as they have a squirrel obsession!  We seem to encounter most of them as we’re coming down the rather steep and rugged paths, I reckon that they’re toying with us.  On several occasions I’ve felt more like a dog anchor rather than a dog walker!

Apart from the grey squirrels and some Exmoor ponies I haven’t seen any other wildlife on this trip to Somerset perhaps we’ve been making too much noise as we stride across the countryside?!  I passed a man dressed head to foot in camouflage with a tripod and camera the other day.  Judging by his expression I don’t think he’d spotted any wildlife either.

You’d think. that after a two-hour walk into the wind, up and down hilly tracks, through woods and parkland that the girls would be happy to settle in their baskets and have a sleep, not a bit of it!  I’d just let them in watched them have a drink and then put the kettle on when Lola presented me with her squeaky ball.  I have to confess to needing a breather so we compromised I sat on a patio chair and in between slurps of tea threw the ball up the garden for Lola who bounced up and down on the spot with excitement to the point that she was almost on my lap alongwith the hot tea!  Kloe (with a K) was much more laid back, although I think that her calmness was more to do with the plate of biscuits I’d taken out with me

When it comes to meal times Kloe’s stomach is better than any clock.  Whatever I’m doing she will find me and let me know that it is time to eat.  Every morning I get a block of tripe out of the freezer for the girl’s evening feed.  The defrosted tripe is grey and soggy and looks very unappetising to me but the dogs love it mixed with their biscuits.  Thankfully it doesn’t give them the foul-smelling wind like it can do for some dogs. Before putting their bowls down the girls have a very fetching bit of kit to wear.  To stop their ears from dangling in their dinners each girl has her own snood.  I think that they were once the sleeves of a very colourful garment that have been cut up and customised with elastic at both ends, they certainly do the trick and the dogs don’t mind wearing them at all.

Warmest fishes,