Hello Folks,

Whilst out dog walking in the Somerset countryside one day I noticed a sign in rhyme which said to the effect:-  If you empty your dog on the path and you don’t have a bag, pick up a stick and flick it out-of-the-way.  It is never pleasant to  come  across a pile of  poo when you’re out for an amble through the Autumn leaves, so as long as your pet  is wormed regularly it seems like a fair compromise. 

Unsurprisingly two medium-sized dogs can generate a lot of waste.  I walked the poodles up on North Hill for miles without seeing a single dog poo bin and as I didn’t fancy carrying so many bags of it around my waist like squirrel tails hanging from a backwoodsman’s belt a stick seemed like a good idea.  However, finding a suitable stick up on North Hill proved problematic.  The paths were mostly littered with dead wood which tended to break a couple of inches from the offensive mound making flicking rather perilous and quite often my canine companions would `go’ in completely the wrong place so I’d either be pushing a poo up a bank, which is tricky, or across the track which just creates more mess. 

Having emptied dogs professionally for some years now I find that I am much less squeamish when faced with a steaming pile of poo than I was, unlike the sight of a heavily soiled nappy,  it doesn’t have me running in for the hills, screaming so I do the right thing and pick it up, bags permitting.

I have been toying with the idea of creating a stylish shoulder bag with a wipe clean or disposable lining that will hold canine by-products until they can be disposed of responsibly,  perhaps there is a product on the market already but until then I guess I’ll do what most people do and wander about looking vaguely embarrassed by the colourful plastic bags of excrement dangling from my free hand, that or find myself a stouter, longer stick.

Warmest fishes,