It’s about this time of year that Mum puts the Sprouts of Doom on to boil ready for December 25th and I hang up my retriever coloured trousers, scrape the mud from my boots, air my dog walking coat and brace myself for another season of Christmas retail madness.  Unfortunately due to the economic climate my branch of HMV closed in January so I won’t be joining my colleagues Pixie Girl, Badger, Fudge, Mavis and the rest of our Motley Crew behind the tills of store 315 again.  Perhaps it’s for the best as this will be our first Christmas without my Dad.

Things have also been uncertain for those of us who work for the library service.  Unlike a lot of my colleagues who have had to reapply for their jobs, I belong to a temping agency and I’m still covering sickness, leave and vacant posts.  There have been some changes to the staffing structure of our libraries, hopefully this will ensure that we won’t lose any branches in Cornwall unlike the rest of the country!

So this Christmas instead of loitering as usual in the Perry Comover section of HMV I will be leaping out from behind the shelves of large print romantic fiction to baffle borrowers by asking them `Can I interest you in a HMV Pure card?’  Old Hobbits die-hard.

Warmest fishes,