Hello Folks,

My Mother thinks I’m going through the `change’  She doesn’t believe that my hot flushes are anything to do with the mild temperatures we’ve been experiencing and the fact that she has put the heating on!  Ok, so the weather did turn a little cooler recently which made me happy as I could pack away my razor and forget about shaving my legs until next Summer.  That’s right, I am single.  And it won’t be too long before I’ll be getting out my trusty thermal underwear.

I had a phone call the other day to ask if I would look after a property and two cats this month which I agreed to do.  Both are outdoor cats but do like to come in at night to sprawl in front of the fire and be made a fuss of.  Don’t we all?!  I did explain that I had other work commitments but that seemed to be acceptable to my Client.  Despite the property being close enough for a Sunday afternoon walk, it’s a bit of a yomp on a wet day when you have to be at work!  So I’ll be making the most of local public transport and on some days I will have to catch two busses. Yes, life would be easier if I could drive!