Hello Folks,

Well it looks like I won’t have to juggle busses to and from the library every day for the next week or so as a colleague of mine has kindly offered to give me a lift when I’m working with her.  There shouldn’t be any chance of me over sleeping as I ‘ve been told that the cats make very clear demands for their breakfasts, usually at around 4.30am!

Both Maggie, a long-haired black and white female and  C4 (C for cat)  a tabby and white male, also long-haired seem to be good-natured, easy-going cats.  Although I have been warned that Maggie is not a  big fan of being picked up and C4 sharpens his claws on the carpets to get attention.  I’m hopping that my sit will be an uneventful one, but not so uneventful that I don’t have anything to tell you.

It’s not just transport that can prove tricky as a pet sitter who doesn’t drive, having a  social life can be rather hit and miss whilst I’m  growing  my business.  Work does come first and foremost and this year to my delight and relief I actually made a small profit, although I doubt very much I shall be retiring early on the proceeds!