Hello Folks,

So, here I am at the home of Maggie and C4 (C For Cat) having found my way to the house in the dark after only one visit.  I did have a bit of a wobble when I couldn’t find the short cut to the bungalow and decided that I’d walk the long way around which was better lit!

I had visions of being met by both cats with the remains of a dead bird between them and a look of we caught you this but got bored and ate it!  Instead I was greeted by a very affectionate and I suspect hungry, Maggie, C4 not coming in from the garden until I called him.

After feeding both cats and putting the fire on for them I unpacked and then got on with my dinner.  C4 decided to join me and sat on the pile of rush, place mats in the centre of the dining table with no intention of moving so I had to improvise and use a magazine under my plate.  As I tucked into my meal C4 edge ever closer to my dinner until his eyes were watering from the steam that came off my pasta.  I must admit to turning a blind eye to C4’s bad manners,  I wouldn’t have tolerated such blatant begging from a dog.

Thankfully both cats have taken to me.  Maggie even let me tickle her tummy, briefly!  One minute she was purring in front of the fire, the next I had a black and white hellcat hanging off my arm by her teeth and claws!  Bitey, bitey, bloody bitey!  I won’t be falling for that again.