Hello Folks,

One of my earliest bookings as a pet sitter was to look after a young border collie and a silver tabby cat who teamed up to carry out a cunning subterfuge one morning.  Having already attended to the animal’s needs I sat down, rather bleary eyed, to eat my own breakfast and was just about to spoon some porridge into my mouth when in trotted the collie from the utility room.  He sat next to my chair, gave me his best, most appealing face and placed a paw on my thigh.

`Ah, what a cuttie you are!’ I told the grinning canine as a large dollop of porridge fell back into my bowl. It was then that I heard the scuffing noises coming from the utility room.  I got up from the table and poked my head around the door to see silver tabby up on top of the fridge where the cat biscuits were stored in their Tupperware container. He had got behind the tub and was so intent on pushing it off the fridge with his head that he didn’t notice me watching him.  I cleared my throat loudly and a startled tabby face appeared from around the side of the biscuit box with a look that seemed to me to say `the dog made me do it!’  But I was sure that it was the furtive feline’s plan and that he’d sent the collie in to distract me with promises of all the biscuits they could eat later!