Day four of my sit and I’m  suffering from serious sleep deprivation.  My room is next to the backdoor and cat flap which has been in constant use every night.  My feline tortures seem to have a six sense for when I’m about to drop off when, BANG! The cat flap shatters my repose and I leap a foot off the bed.  Every night is like trying to get some shut-eye in a wild west saloon.

So imagine my annoyance on returning from work after a particularly restless night to find C4 and Maggie in exactly the same places as I’d left them that morning and in more or less the same positions!  Whilst I made my weary way to the kitchen both cats made a big show of yawning, stretching and having a scratch before sauntering  in the direction of their respective food bowls where they looked up at me and mewed expectantly.

Honestly, I’m coming back as a cat!