I was woken at 3.50 am this morning by C4’s stomach clock wanting his breakfast.  First he lay along my side, Sphinx like, until I rolled onto my back and catapulted him off! He didn’t give up however,  next he sat on my bladder which was rather uncomfortable as you can imagine.  This however didn’t have the desired effect that he’d expected so I ended up with a ravenous feline sitting on my chest peering into my face.  If he could’ve opened my eyelids with his paws I’m sure he would have done.  I am made of sterner stuff and wasn’t going to be bullied into leaving my bed before my alarm went off unfortunately C4 decided he’d bring out the big guns and he began to dig up the carpet which always motivates his owners to feed him.  As I didn’t want them to return and find their lovely carpet shredded I thought I’d better do the same!