I have come to understand that I need at least six hours sleep to function like a normal human being should.  This was brought home to me one morning after yet another night of percussive cat-flap playing when in my foggy state of mind I liberally dusted my porridge with turmeric instead of the usual cinnamon and then proceeded to eat several spoonfuls before  realizing what I’d done! BLAHHHH!

A friend of mine recently celebrated a significant birthday by throwing a party which I was unable to attend, so me and the cats had a happening of our own!   We marked the occasion by playing traditional party games.  My feline companions proved to be very competitive and beat me, furry bottoms down, at musical chairs.  They weren’t so good at pass the wood mouse, tending to be reluctant to give the creature up.  Sardines was a complete disaster, both C4 and Maggie thought that they’d be in for a tasty treat so when it turned out  that wasn’t the name of the game both cats got the hump and our party came to an abrupt end!