Way back, when I was a pony mad teenager my Mother wanted me to train as a hairdresser.  Luckily for my potential clients I didn’t persue that career path as I have an eye for straightness like a dog’s hind leg which would’ve resulted in some very interesting haircuts!

I have  recently been asked to look after a sighthound over next weekend.  As we are old friends I’m looking forward to lurching the lurcher, sadly his canine companion, Ollie,  died earlier this year but I’m told that Archie has picked up a bit now.

Perhaps if I’d overcome my Luddite tendencies sooner I would have been blogging my earlier hairy tales instead of writing them up in my journal.  Still they’re there if I need to dip into them.

I now know why so many senior citizens linger in the large print romance section of the library.  Those books are much racier than I could ever have imagined!  One of my colleagues read a passage to me during a lull and I almost wet myself laughing!  Mind you,  it could have partly been down to his diction.