I was once told by one of my school teachers that I had artistic tendencies  and so for a few years I attended evening classes in drawing.  I even signed up for a part-time Fine Arts degree course, twice!!  On reflection I feel I must have miss-heard him say that I had  autistic tendencies, which would make far more sense!

Judging by the weather forecast for the weekend it looks like I will be enjoying dry, if not cold, walks with the lurcher.  On my last sit for Archy and his mate Olly I discovered that we have, more or less, matching winter coats!  We must have been a fine sight parading through the town in our coordinating outfits.  I’ve never been someone who is into dressing animals up (well there was this one time when I tried to put  Tiny-Tears’ dress on the cat but I was only six!) so I found the whole experience vaguely embarrassing!