As a child growing up under semi-rural conditions my Mother instilled in me from an early age the importance of NOT picking wild fruit and flowers from the hedgerows bellow the hight that a medium-sized dog can cock its leg! This and the fact that I had to drag a very reluctant lurcher away from a beautifully decorated communal Christmas Tree before he could lift his hind leg to it, got me thinking about the unwritten rules to emptying your dog in a town.  Is there a dog walker’s etiquette for canine relief in built up areas?

Walking towards the woodlands through the town’s narrow streets I began to take more notice of where Archy stopped to sniff and pee.  Obviously, left to his own devices a dog will scent mark wherever a previous hound as been before him, telegraph poles and lamp posts being favoured spots for leaving a message or two.  So I decided, as I always try to be a responsible dog handler and Archy was in my charge I would dictate to him where he could cock a leg.

Inappropriate Areas To Empty Your Dog:-

Communal Christmas Trees

Works of Public Art (unless  particularly vulgar, but that’s subjective!)

Mooring Ropes, Fishing Nets and Deck Chairs

Parked Cars, Motorbikes and Push-bikes

Children’s Play Equipment

Low Window Boxes, Flowering Tubs,  Carefully Tended Shrubs or

Any exposed electrical wiring!

By the time we entered the woods Archy was giving me very meaningful looks and I was very impressed by the velocity with which he emptied his bladder not being a champion speed peer myself!