So here we are again in limbo, between the excesses of Christmas and the excesses of New Year!  Is it me or has the festive period passed very quickly again this year?  Mother is already taking down the cards! 

We had Izzy, next-door’s cat over to open her stocking on the 25th, she looked on coolly as I made exclamations of delight and surprise at what I found!  Mother’s friend `Little Jean’ spent Boxing day with us playing a riotous games of charades I haven’t seen my Sister laugh so much in ages and was tempted to nip out for some Tena Ladies.  We  survived the sprouts of doom but  needed a sit down after the extremely alcoholic Christmas pudding!  Then it was time to leave for the panto, Robinson Crusoe, “oh no it wasn’t, oh yes it was!”  I will be spending most of January dog walking in Somerset!  That should help to combat some of the festive overindulgence!

It has been a great experience working for The Library Service at this time of year. Despite the economic doom and gloom most of our borrowers have been full of the festive spirit, some quite literally!  While I’m alway happy to receive the odd box of biscuits or chocolates  I do draw the line at Christmas kisses and spent the best part of a morning trying to avoid the persistent borrower who’d brought in a  piece of mistletoe and was determined to use it!  He left unfulfilled dear readers as I locked myself in the toilet!!!  I do enjoy working with the public but not that much!!!!