After a very windy start to the day and a piece off the roof being blown into the next door neighbour’s garden, the Thatcher has been contacted, things have somewhat settled down on the weather front,  for the moment.

Mole is a very lucky dog!  Our neighbours on the green agreed that he could play with his lady-love and their other dog off lead and accompany them on some walks so he can get his female fix.   It certainly did him some good tearing about with his to doggy pals and he was popped when I got him back to the cottage although not popped enough as he put up quite a show of resistance when it came time to leave!

We had a very cosy afternoon after all the excitement.  I managed to light the fire,  being used to flicking a switch for instant heat it was a challenge. I soon had a roaring fire going in the grate which we all enjoyed immensely.  I settled down on the sofa with a mug of tea and a slab of Christmas cake to the sounds of the wind and rain battering the cottage’s window panes and the  snores of Tubs, the tailless cat.  I was rather reluctant later to have to brave the weather again donning my coat and boots with little enthusiasm to trudge up the muddy garden and  shut the hens up for the night.  Bless them, they’d put themselves away, all twenty-one, although I did check under the bushes just to make sure!

This morning I took no chances with walking Mole.  I had him on two leads, one attached to his collar and the other a Canny-Collar (other products are available!) A sort of halter and lead combination.   He spent the first ten minutes of our walk trying to get the strap over his muzzle off!  Despite having the Canny-Collar as a back up he still proved to be very strong and I was almost pulled off my feet when he decided to chase the leaves being blown along the road!  So I have decided that I need to overload on carbohydrates and bulk up.  I think some extra ballast is the answer that and bigger feet.  Our neighbour on the green said I’d need bigger feet to walk a dog like Mole.  I’m not quite sure how I’ll manage that one though?!