Being out in the wilds of Exmoor there is little in the way of light pollution so night times can be as dark as a cow’s insides!  On clear evenings the sky is full of stars and yesterday an almost full moon lit our my way when I took Mole  for a pee last thing.  This pitch blackness has also been very conducive to my sleep, that and all the fresh air and exercise!

By the time I’ve fed, watered and emptied all the animals, including myself!  It’s usually 8.30 am when I take Mole for his first walk.  Although he does have some time in the garden whilst I see to the chickens. He is rather a hindrance, thinking it’s a great game to harass the hens by running up and down outside their run whilst barking manically!  I was a little later than usual letting my feathery charges out this morning as I was cooking spaghetti for their afternoon meal.  They are very partial to cooked pasta, rice and any left over vegetables and if I make to much porridge for my breakfast they will gobble that down with enthusiasm to.

The battery in my wristwatch died a couple of days ago and none of the clocks in the cottage tell the same time!  So I am being governed by mine and the animals body clocks as to meal times.  Although I am taking no notice of the cockerel who seems to crow at the oddest times.  I was cocooned under my duvet in the small hours of this morning and could hear him cock-a-doodle-doing way before the sun was up!  The cockerel, named Antonio Banderas by my friend, because he’s a lover not a fighter! Is a striking bird. With his glossy blue black plumage and vivid red comb he looks like the French rugby team’s mascot.  He did show his displeasure at his late release earlier by standing directly in front of me and crowing his beak off!

Mole has been living up to his name by digging holes in the garden!  As soon as my back is turned he’s at it.  I spend a good deal of my time trying to repair the damaged turf  and wiping off his muddy paws and chops.  In moments of frustration I’m apt to call him Mold, among other things!

Yesterday afternoon I took Mole out with the neighbour and her two springer spaniels.  I had permission from my friend to let Mole off the lead as he would be with his Lady-Love!  We had a wonderful yomp through the woods.  Mole and his companions behaved impeccably and returned to us when they were called.  They had such a good run, including the older spaniel who is normally very laid back about such things, that when we arrived at the green a couple of hours later all three dogs headed straight for the stream and a good long drink and then flopped down on the grass!

This morning I took Mole out around the quite country roads above the hamlet where the ground is firmer underfoot! I didn’t need any ballast today, not even when Mole spotted a rabbit on the footpath ahead of us!  Hopefully this is the start of good things on the Mole walking front.