After another relatively quiet evening lounging in front of the wood burner  (I have mastered the art of fire-lighting now!) listening to the farting and gentle snores of my charges I retired to bed in the hope of a good nights sleep.  Unfortunately I lay wide awake for most of the night listening to an owl hooting outside my bedroom window.  How wonderful nature is and how irritating when every creak as the cottage settles and tapping as  the wind blows the climbing rose against the window pane is magnified in the stillness of the darkest hour!

So it was that in my rather befuddled, sleep deprived state, I made my way up to let the hens out with most of my clothes on inside out and back to front!  Thank goodness my trousers have an elasticated waste!

The hens are very good layers.  Egg yield is up but sales, however, are down.  I am thinking of applying for status as a possible site for the European Egg Mountain!  All I need is a contact who has an excess of potatoes and I could be living off fried egg and chips for the rest of my sit!

Excitingly I met another potential client yesterday who lives just five minutes down the road from where I’m staying.  I wonder if I could co-ordinate everyone to take their holidays in succession to keep the cost of my travel down?!