A calm,  still morning and a relatively calm Mole.  When I took him for his first walk of the day Mole was relaxed enough to enjoy the many alluring smells that the countryside has to offer a dog around here.  For the most part he walked on a loose leed by my side.  Hurrah, persistence may well have finally paid off!  Although I don’t want to sound to self-congratulatory as we still have another walk together this afternoon before I finally hand him back to his owner later tonight.  Because of his size, it is easy to forget Mole is still only a puppy, an endearing one at that. When he gets the scent of something interesting in his nostrils Mole’s head goes down and his nose is pressed to the ground as it zigzags to the left and right whilst he makes loud snuffling noises.  I should imagine, with training, he’d be a very good Truffle Hound!

I have also been looking after two elderly cats at another property on top of the hill.  Jelly Jerry and Tonka Tom are sedate moggies who spend the majority of their days eating and sleeping, with the occasional forray outside, although that doesn’t happen quite as often in the winter!

My friend also has two cats, Tubs and Cheesy, who are good company and very entertaining.  Tubs obviously feels that we are going to be having another  spell of hard weather directly and is gorging herself on everybody’s food to see herself through it. Cheesy, feeling rather put out by this blatant scoffing of his nosh has taken to supplementing his diet with small rodents.  Thankfully they are dead when he brings them in.  Unlike the time he presented me with a live rat which he promptly dropped on the living room carpet quickly loosing interest in the rodent when it shot under the sofa!  In the end I asked if I could borrow the farmer’s two terriers to flush ratty out.  Unfortunately it had sought sanctuary in one of my friend’s speakers which I ended up removing from the cottage, leaving it in the shed outside.  I guess the rat made its escape, the speaker still worked and normal service was resumed!