My final day almost passed without incident!  I had just put the Hoover around, straightened the living room up and was about to start on the kitchen when a heard a commotion coming from the other room and dashed next door to find Mole chasing Cheesy cat around the room having knocked over the portable tv and scattered the contents of the waste paper basket across the carpet! After a few choice expletives I managed to catch the mischievous  hound and put him in his cage where he looked at me balefully through its bars as if to say he couldn’t understand what all the fuss was about!  And so I tidied up for a second time.

I am looking forward to being able use the toilet without an audience!  My friend’s downstairs bathroom door doesn’t shut properly and whenever I use her, quite literally, smallest room I am often accompanied by Cheesy, who sees it as an opportunity to sit on my lap and Mole who really is far to large to join us in such a confined space!

I may well have cracked the egg mountain problem by taking orders from home.  Although the logistics of getting them back to Cornwall on public transport and intact is causing me some concern.  Thankfully I travel light.