Despite the rather miserable weather first thing I was greeted very warmly and with great exuberance by the poodles who almost bowled me over in their excitement.  I really have to brace myself when I open the kitchen door!

I have been asked by my clients to give the girls a couple of charcoal biscuits each morning and this reminded me of the sit I did for Charlie, the westie.

I nearly went out and bought some charcoal biscuits for my flatulent charge.  However, once my Significant Other had left for the day my westie companion didn’t seem to be troubled by gas anymore.  I decided it was really my S.O. who had the problem and was blaming it on the dog!  I was quite prepared to burn his breakfast toast, for the good of our relationship you understand.  Then one night we were snuggled up under the duvet when a most putrid smell began to emanate from Charlie’s basket by the side of the bed. It seemed to creep through the darkness filling the whole room and becoming more and more pungent as time, oh so slowly passed!  Finally I think Charlie got what he wanted having driven  S.O. from my side to spend a restless night on the lumpy, single mattress in the spare room!  I’m sure that little dog was smirking as S.O. made his bleary way next-door. I, being made of sterner stuff, flung open the window and then buried my head under the covers until morning!