It doesn’t seem to matter how much exercise I give Lola she is always ready to play ball, being four may have something to do with it?!  Kleo, who is eleven, knows that giving chase too many times isn’t worth all the effort because as soon as you bring back the missile your human companion will only throw it away again! Whilst playing catch outside is fun and reasonably safe Lola does like to continue her game in the confines of the house, especially in the food preparation area, usually whilst I’m cooking!  Despite being told to lie down, I still find Lola’s favourite ball of the moment strategically placed by my foot.  How I haven’t trodden on it and gone base over apex is a wonder! What makes me smile is Lola’s irritation when I won’t kick or throw the ball indoors for her.  She drops it with a heavy thud on the floor before flopping down on her bed with what can only be described as annoyed grumbling under her breath!