It’s funny but I’ve had a lot of the `big questions’ on my mind recently and I’ve been getting the answers from books,  from the titles really.  It could be a coincidence and the fact that I have been doing an inordinate amount of shelving.  The answers aren’t all that helpful either as they’re not what I want to hear.  Oh dear, you say,  she really does  need to get out more!  I expect I do.

Not being a subscriber to organized religion or disorganized religion for that matter I find myself saluting single magpies and spitting.  This became a very anti-social habit when using public transport as I kept seeing single magpies through the bus window!  However, I have weaned myself off that old wives tale only to replace it with something similar a young woman I knew long ago recited to me.

One for joy, two for mirth, three for love, four for a birth, five for silver, six for gold and seven for a secret never to be told!

Of course if I didn’t uphold these superstitious practices that would be a breakthrough but perhaps these things creep in when one is trying to make sense of the world and feel that they can’t control their surroundings?!

Anyhow, not having any strong beliefs apart from avoiding ladders and black and white birds I was wondering what to do about my Here-After or lack of one.  I am thinking in the long-term, don’t get me wrong!!  So I’ve decided to donate my body to medical science.  This I hope, should make up for all the times I didn’t give to good causes.  Unfortunately, should I die over a Bank Holiday or at Christmas I could quite literally be stuffed as there will be nobody available to take care of my body!