I have light animal wrangling duties this weekend at the home of the Ragdoll cats. Unlike next week when to all intents and purposes I’ll be living The Good Life looking after a small holding.

In addition to my feline companions I have a very cute house rabbit to care for. Seeing Ruby Rabbit use her litter tray for the first time was a novelty for me. Thankfully my quizzical stare didn’t put her off!

The weather is rather grey and damp today so my lap is in demand by the Ragdolls, Archie and Dolly. Even the timid, tabby and white Mrs Mills sat next to me on the arm of the sofa.

Dolly and Ruby Rabbit are firm friends and its rather touching to see them together. Mrs M finds the small, brown fluffy bundle terrifying! Alfie is not happy to have another female in the house and looks at Rugby Rabbit as he does all of us, with disdain!