The menagerie has increased since I last sat the alpacas four years ago! You couldn’t really call this a small-holding in the sense that it’s owners are self-sufficient because, apart from the eggs, nothing is kept for the table.

I arrived in the pouring rain to find my clients stuffing their estate car with teenagers and the last of the camping equipment they’d need for their Easter break.

Along with the three rather timid alpacas I’ve also been asked to keep an eye on two dexter cows, two lambs, which need to  be bottle
fed three times a day, twenty hens (there abouts), nine ducks and three geese. Those are just the outside animals. There are also the four dogs, five cats, love birds a map turtle, fish and a partridge in a pear tree! As you can imagine feeding times are pretty full on! I am not helped any by the heavy rain and mud which has me slip-sliding around the paddocks whilst clutching buckets of food!