Now you don’t!! The retrievers are masters of escapology. Which is how I met their owner who was out looking for them! Thankfully, I’m touching wood as I type this, they have not vacated the premises yet! Although yesterday one of the goldies did scramble under the fence into the paddock having pushed the netting up and out-of-the-way. Luckily the poultry were all shut up for the night and a possible crises was averted!

Checking everything has plenty of fresh water is an ongoing job. Olive and Juniper the cows have a trough in their field but the alpacas and feathery creatures have an assortment of bowls and buckets. This would be fine if the ducks didn’t keep washing their feet in the clean water! Of course they’re only doing what comes naturally but it is frustrating as the alpacas tend to turn their noses up at the muddy soup! Even the geese take full advantage of these paddling pools, enjoying a bath and a splash about.