With the heavy April showers comes the mud, which is fine in its place, out-of-doors!  However,  with four dirt magnet dogs to look after, mopping up mucky paw prints, even after a spell in the boot room to dry off, it is an ongoing  job.

The weather is teasingly unpredictable. One moment the sun shines benignly down and a warm wind caresses the earth  drying up the areas of mire. Then angry, iron-grey clouds gather across the azure Spring sky. More than once I’ve been topping up the water buckets in the middle of the field only to be caught out by another deluge, oh the irony!! 

The alpacas, hens and I often take shelter under the overhang of the stables roof  but  the dogs are not phased by the inclement weather and carry on intently pursuing the many interesting smells that  the wet grass holds for them. Although, they are never very impressed with me when I have to towel dry them.

The lambs and alpacas have formed a bond. Alpacas make very good fox deterrents and are often kept with poultry. Despite being penned, the alpacas seemed to understand that the lambs needed looking out for and have become quite protective of them.