Well almost!  Most of my labour on the the small-holding was concentrated around feed times, that and putting the critters to bed!  There always seemed to be one hen who was reluctant to join her companions in the coup.  Oblivious to the gloom of dusk and the potential risk of being carried away by a fox she’d wander about pecking and scratching at the earth.  In the end I had to employ the alpacas help, whether they were aware that they were being useful I’m not sure, but once I’d managed to maneuver the little red hen into the chicken run the three alpacas stood together and blocked her retreat!

Putting the lambs  away proved tricky at times especially the day they escaped from their pen!  Having watched them throw themselves against the hurdles I can only assume that’s how they’d dislodged one enough to get out.  Oh how joyfully they gambled about the paddock.  Thankfully they associated me with food and came bouncing over so that I was able to pick them up, one lamb under each arm and return them to their stable. 

Even  the love birds made a bid for freedom when I was filling up their seed container.  It failed and in a fit of peak one of them gave me a nasty peck!

Once the dogs stopped barking for attention and the cows quit mooing for hay I was able to enjoy the sound of birdsong and relish how beautiful the place was. Unfortunately the tranquility rarely lasted long and my reverie would be rudely interupted by the geese who would quite often mug the ducks for their food and then the disgruntled ducks would have a go at the hens. I think it’s called the pecking order?!