It was with some relief that I handed over the care of the small-holding and its many occupants to my clients on Friday 13th.  All the critters, furry and feathery were still on their feet, except the fish of course!

Sharing the house with so many animals proved entertaining at times and occasionally, quite noisy.  Often the love birds would provide an accompanying trill to the Radio, strangely it was during The Archers.

A couple of times as I sat  in the kitchen enjoying a welcome cuppa my revere would be broken by the steady chomp, chomp, chomping of Rio, the year old collie, mauling a Jurassic looking bone underneath the table!

It soon became clear to me that the cats thought the sofa bed in the recreation room where I slept was theirs and that they were doing me a favour by letting me sleep on it. This would’ve been fine if I’d had to share the bed with a couple of feline friendlies but five really had me contorted into some very odd positions!! It wasn’t until I went to turn over one night and felt a searing pain in my scalp due to the cat sleeping on my pillow lying on my hair, that I decided enough was enough! Disentangling the moggy from my barnet, I practically fell out of bed and in the darkness stumbled into the forgotten drum kit sending the cymbals flying, scattering the frightened cats and waking the dogs with the terrible din who started barking madly. Thankfully there were no neighbours to worry about waking but I gave up any hope of a good nights sleep!