For the most part I am happy with my own company, which is good because I quite often find myself pet-sitting in splendid isolation.  I always know when it’s time to rejoin the human race as I start to have full blown conversations with my animal charges!  As a sole trader I have found my Christmas parties lacking something, other people mostly!!

It takes me a few days to adjust to living with another person again especially after weeks of only furry and feathery creatures for company. 

On returning home I  always know when I’ve done something to irritate my Mother as she has a habit of turning the cold water tap on in the kitchen whilst I shower.  Many is the time I have been startled by an icy blast of water whilst undertaking my ablutions!  In response I’d turn the mirror around to it’s magnifying `FRIGHT’ side. This had the desired affect for a while but since my Mother’s eyesight has deteriorated that now proves more helpful than anything!