Ruby the house rabbit has a spacious outdoor run but sadly the week I was looking after her and sitting on the ragdoll cats the weather was awful, moistly!!

I decided it would be sensible to bring Ruby in as the nights were unseasonably cold. Catching the said bunny proved tricky!! She slipped my grasp and made for the great open space of the beautifully tended garden. She evaded all my attempts of capture until in complete frustration I whipped off my t-shirt and threw it over her! This must’ve been a bit of a shock for any neighbours who were looking out of their windows at the time. Still, the garment did the job and Ruby’s bounce to freedom was arrested. She did however show her displeasure by peeing on me before I could put her safely indoors.

It became apparent that Ruby was not happy being confined to her indoor abode as every day she would stage a dirty protest by turning her litter tray over and scattering its contents everywhere. She would then sit atop the upturned tray looking defiantly at me!! Who’d have thought a rabbit could be so entertaining?!