I do try not to make a habit of taking on more than one job at a time as being a non-driver the logistics can prove a challenge! However at the beginning of this month I made an exception as both my clients knew each other and were happy for me to to and fro between properties. This I did three times a day on top of dog walking and when I began to feel rather smug at how fit I was becoming I developed a blister and the weather took a turn for the worse. So I apologize to anyone I may have met as I hobbled across town drenched and scowling if I didn’t give them my usual cheery greeting?! Still the upside to all the enforced exercise in such foul weather was warming up in a hot bath whilst eatting a packet of custard creams with impunity!

Thankfully, despite all the walking between jobs, once there my duties were light. The two yorkies would run out of steam once I got to the end of their road and would look around for the first passer-by with a suitably big enough handbag to take them both. I’d been left a comprehensive page of instructions on how to care for the birds and fish. This didn’t stop me from having a deeply disturbing dream in which I found all the fish floating on the surface of the water in their tank, ex fish!!