My retriever coloured trousers are getting a lot of wear this month. Having finished one sit for a client in Lanreath looking after a very exuberant Goldie and his five Persian companions I am now caring for three retrievers, all of whom are madly molting! In the house of assorted Persians, or assorted Iranians as a droll friend pointed out, there are many rooms and each room had at least one cat skulking about or lounging in it!  Making sure they were all in for the night was always a challenge, apart from the day when the weather was so bad none of the felines felt the urge to venture any further than the backdoor mat!! So it was on an awful day in June, when the rain fell constantly out of the sky in sheets, that I donned my waterproofs (having dressed Brodie in his) and after standing in the shelter of the porch for some ten minutes wistfully looking at the clouds for some sign of the torrent abating, we made our way reluctantly across the road for a couple of laps around the field.  The field is used by many local people to exercise and empty their pets.  This was when I discovered Brodie’s unsavory habit of eating unspeakable things!! Readers, I won’t go into details, but if you have a dog or two I expect you will understand to what unspeakable things I am referring!!  Needless to say I spent the best part of twenty minutes in the field chasing Brodie away from the delicacies he so relished!! Wet, frustrated and more exhausted than the dog I clipped Brodie’s lead on and marched him back to the house where I  towel dried him trying fruitlessly not to let him lick me!!!