Or for those of you who aren’t of a nervous disposition, arse over tit!  Which is what I more or less did at my last sit whilst taking out my client’s powerful and exuberant Golden Retriever dog.  Apart from the occasional accidental, playful nip done in excitement, I have been fortunate to come away from all of my sits unscathed.  Until last week, in what could only have looked like a scene from Some Mother’s Do Have Them, me being Frank Spencer, as I was pulled off my feet and dragged downhill a short distance by Brodie in his excitement at seeing the young lad who used to walk him for pocket-money. Unluckily the lead got caught around my wrist. My nine and a half stone didn’t anchor him or slow him down that much and as we were going downhill I think we actually gathered momentum?!  Thankfully Brodie ran straight to his pal and we were in a quiet cul-du-sac!  I was left feeling like a child who’d taken a tumble in the school playground, rather battered and bruised and picking pieces of gravel out of my grazed elbows and knees!!