I have been trying to introduce an element of culture to Blue, the African Grey parrot!  I didn’t like to think of him being bored whilst I was out walking the dogs so I left him listening to something educational on Radio 4.  However, he seemed to prefer The Archers, but I think that had more to do with the background  farmyard noises than the plot?!  Money Box Live and Woman’s Hour all went over his head although he did enjoy a good bop to some of the tunes played on Desert Island Discs!!

I think that my plan to improve Blue’s mind has failed.  I switched on the kitchen television that faces his cage this evening and Honey was showing on Viva, well that was it!  Blue was sitting on his rope swing, glued to the screen!! He was mesmerised  by the street dancing and added his own slant to things by hip-hopping along his perch.