It’s been a busy last morning wrangling the retrievers.  Everyone has been fed, watered, emptied and exercised.  The dogs are drying in the kitchen and my big pants are crisping nicely in the boiler room, it’s been another damp and humid day!  The vacuum cleaner has been deployed several times in an attempt to keep on top of the tumble weeds of dog hair that seem to constantly drift across the kitchen floor or become velcroed to the hall carpet.  I was very tempted to use the Hoover attachment on the retrievers but decided to stick with their regular brush!

Apart from trying to improve Blue’s mind I’ve also been attempting to expand the African Grey parrot’s vocabulary.  However, he wasn’t impressed with my choice of words and turned his beak up at marvelous, which I thought would be a good starting point, preferring instead his familiar whistles and phrases.  I on the other hand have found myself walking the dogs through the woods copying Blue’s most often used whistles without realizing  what I’m doing until, whichever retriever I’m exercising, looks at me quizzically!!  I think this could be the first case of mind control by a parrot on a human?!!