Looking after other people’s pets is usually quite straight forward, feed, water, empty!!  On this sit however, I have been asked to look after my client’s Kefir!  Kefir?!  I wondered if it was an exotic breed of bird or fish that I wasn’t familiar with.  No, it turned out that I didn’t need to throw a ball, clean out a cage or tank for this particular charge as it is of yeast/bacterial origin!!!  Kefir granules are the basis of a drink, a milk drink, a staple in some countries and has become popular with people in the West for its health benefits.  It lives!! And I have to keep it alive by draining, rinsing and changing the milk it thrives in.  At first glance, when I removed the lid from the jar containing the Kefir granules, I was reminded of cottage cheese?!  I strained off the old milk and checked to make sure the granules were a healthy white colour, no grey bits which would mean they were dead and would need throwing away.  I had been told that the Kefir granules were almost, if not as highly prized as black truffles?!! So I was very careful not to lose any down the kitchen sink plug hole whilst rinsing and returning them to their jar!  It was with some relief that I put the jar and it’s contents back in the fridge until I had to repeat the process.  Mucking out Blue, the parrot was a lot less nerve-wracking!!!