Can you hear the rabbit screaming?! Can you?!  Well I did the other day when Gwynn, the springer spaniel caught a kit!! I’m used to the spangles disappearing into the woodland undergrowth, especially Gwynn, who I’ve nick-named Thunder Knickers because she charges through the brush like a rhino with a firework tied to it’s tail!! So I didn’t take too much notice of her headlong dash into the foliage other than Bracken, who is usually her steadying influence, followed after her.  I was alerted that something was a foot by a stomach churning scream which had me looking around wildly for a child in danger!  It was then that Gwynn came tumbling out of the thicket of brambles with the baby rabbit between her jaws! In her excitement she dropped the hapless rabbit, which stunned, lay on its side gasping for breath.  I’ll give the dogs their due, once I’d warned them off it, they left the small, bundle of grey fur alone.  I couldn’t be sure if Gwynn had done any internal damage to the creature.  I took in the rabbit’s heaving side, it’s huge black glassy eye and its tiny body and thought I can’t dispatch this poor thing, what am I going to do?  I didn’t want to let the dogs finish it off, which might have been quicker?!  I wondered if the shock would kill it? In the end I left the kit, hoping it would recover from the shock.  I felt terrible as I walked away from the small, helpless animal but I couldn’t bring myself to put an end to its suffering, which may have  been a kinder thing to do I guess.  I took the dogs on a circular walk and we passed again the spot where Gwynn had dropped the baby rabbit, it wasnt’ there.