The first day of Summer arrived in Selworthy on Sunday 8th July at around 8 o’clock in the morning and promptly returned to the more Autumnal conditions we had been experiencing twelve hours later!  Knowing never to take any good weather for granted I spent most of the day out-of-doors, exploring the various footpaths and bridleways around the cottage with the dogs.  My canine charges are excellent company and often follow me to the top part of the wooded back-garden, when the weather allows, where I take a cuppa and sit on the stone bench which overlooks Postman’s Cottage and Selworthy Green. Bracken will sit quietly next to me taking in the view and looking rather majestic all the while waiting for me to drop the digestive biscuit, his favourite, that I’m about to dunk in my tea!  Gwynn is a fidget, unless she is very tired or relaxed when she lies on her tummy like a sphinx with her back legs out behind her resembling a frogs, most ungainly!  She also likes to catch flies so the peace of the garden can occasionally be disturbed by the chopping of her chops!

Today, whilst out with my friend and her dog Mole, Gwynn picked up the most enormous stick, more of a branch really!  The first I knew about it was when something hit me behind my knees and I thought I was about to be floored!!  My friend, Mole, Bracken and me had all been walking in single file along the narrow footpath into Selworthy Woods when Thunder Knickers, as I like to call Gwynn, dragged her prize past us getting it wedged between the fence on one side of the track and the bank on the other!  Gwynn persisted, with us watching in amusement, until she managed to dislodge the half a tree trunk and proudly carry it by a couple of ramblers who had to flatten themselves against the hedge or risk being impaled!  Having made it up onto the wider, muddy path above us, Gwynn promptly lost interest in her “stick” and left it lying there, a potential woody trip hazard for any unsuspecting walkers!