I had a bit of a Disney moment the other day whilst out walking the dogs up on the hills!  Gwynn flushed a brown speckled bird out of the undergrowth, it flew a little way from us then landed on a gorse bush.  I didn’t recognise the breed of bird and asked it, “Are you a skylark?” There are a lot of them around here. The bird sang something pretty. “That’s lovely!” I exclaimed.  The bird replied with a short tuneful trill which to me sounded like a thank-you before it took to the sky leaving me wondering if I’d been overheard by any passing hikers?!  Ah, the perils of living in solitude with only the dogs and wildlife for company!!

It has felt a little cooler in the mornings as I’ve taken the dogs out for their first walk.  Yesterday the cottage windows had condensation on them!  It’s been such a wet Summer so far I may have to have my Wellington boots surgically removed?!  Although we have had glimpses of the sun they have been few and far between!  However, everything is green and growing and out on the hills towards Selworthy Beacon the gorse and bracken are flowering  a vibrant pink and yellow.

In Selworthy Woods this morning the birds were singing their beaks off!  It seemed that they were trying to outdo each other.  We had a couple of near misses with squirrels, Gwynn just loves to chase them AND she has killed the two that she managed to catch.  I can’t even say the word squirrel around Gwynn as she goes completely potty and have taken to spelling it in front of her!!

When I first looked after the dogs, it seemed that Bracken felt it was his duty to keep an eye on me and would often pause to make sure that I was still upright and on both feet as we negotiated the steep, slippery, muddy tracks.  Now it appears the roles have been reversed and Gwynn, who is affectionately known as by her owners as The Pocket Rocket, often waits for me whilst Bracken goes on ahead.  They are wonderful company and despite having miles of woodland paths to explore always return to see how I’m doing!!