I work for all sorts of interesting people.  My current client is a wig maker for film and theatre.  This she does from home, receiving various hair pieces that she either refreshes or in some cases builds from scratch.  Before she and her partner left for their holiday, my client asked me to look out for a delivery of wigs.  I duly hung about the cottage waiting for the postman but a parcel wasn’t forthcoming!  One morning as I was crossing Selworthy Green with the dogs I spotted the familiar red t-shirt of the postie.  As I was beginning to worry about the parcel so I called out to the postman’s back as he was stuffing mail through the letterbox of The Tearoom.

“Scuse me do you have any wigs?!”

“Why?” Replied the postman with a smile. “Do you think I need one?!”  It was then with the sunshine glinting of his smooth, tanned scalp that I noticed the postman was completely bald!!

“No, no, no, oh my goodness, no!!” I blurted out and scuttled up The Green calling to Bracken and Gwynn in an attempt to hide my embarrassment