Initially when I took the bookings for this month it was to look after five poodles but it soon transpired that Betsey the black, miniature poodle was in pup!! This was exciting but also a little intimidating to me as the new arrivals would only be five days old when I undertook my first sit for them. It was some time ago when I looked after six wrangling whippet puppies. I needn’t have worried, Betsey nursed her four plump, black puppies with great care and attention. It being her second litter she was a ‘old hand!’ The puppies, two male and two female, really thrived and a week later when I arrived for my second stay they’d doubled in size! They are now pretty mobile if a little wobbly and their eyes are open.

My canine charges are an assortment of sizes ranging from the hefty Mutley a very laid back labradoodle, Barney and Betsey, both miniature poodles and the two toy poodles, Teddy (the puppies sire) and Indie. What the toys lack in stature they make up for in voice!!

Until recently only Mutley was used to walking on the lead so I started taking them out individually until they got used to me and I could safely take two at a time. It’s bedlam when I put on my boots for our daily walks! I often leave the house to howls of frustration from those left behind, much to the neighbour’s annoyance. The rabble do settle down only to go into rapturous barking and yelping on our return!! Mutley often looks embarrassed by the whole debacle and appears to distance himself from the others?!