My life seemed to have come full circle the other week when I found myself back in Darite after five years, again caring for a Lurcher, only one this time, an eighteen month old puppy called Lizzy.

Instead of lurching the two adult Lurchers, who still live in the village, over the moors I had charge of a very Busy Lizzy and the Loverly Linda a terrier of sorts with comedy ears! Both dogs were hugely entertaining and kept me on my toes for most of my sit, mainly because they were ensconced in my armchair!!!!

Since moving to the cottage my Clients noticed quite a marked change in their cats, Traci Treats in particular had metamorphed into a rodent terminater!! Every morning I would descend the stairs to the kitchen and discover a lifeless rodent body on the quarry tiles! Sometimes it would be a two vole day, occasionally a two field mouse one shrew day. In the small hours after being suddenly startled out of my sleep by blood curdling yowls I stumbled downstairs to find Traci Treats and her feline protagonist Dangerous Dave squaring up to each other over a live wood mouse! The rodent sensing the cats were focused on ripping bits off each other made a bid for freedom and scuttled towards the gap under the kitchen cabinets, where it hid until later that day on its way to the back door Busy Lizzy seized it and to my horror, swallowed the mouse whole!!!