Having spent Christmas and the New Year folding a variety of garments in Ladies’ Formal (I always feel the need to drop a curtsy when I tell anybody that!) for Marks and Spencer, I am now back on more familiar ground, sitting on people’s pets! No, seriously, that only happens if there’s been a power cut or a throw is involved!! No animal has ever been harmed whilst I’ve been putting my feet up!

Despite being asked if I would be interested in staying on in Ladies’ Formal, bobbed curtsy! I declined due to an increasingly full pet sitting diary. Still, there’s always next Christmas.

I was eased gently back into my animal wrangling commitments finding the Ragdoll cats, Mrs Mills and Ruby the house rabbit rather subdued by the chilly weather! Most days were spent pressed up against the radiator, then the cats joined me and I didn’t feel quite so daft! My evenings passed pleasantly in front of the fire, watching tv with a cat on my lap. On colder nights I tried to encourage my feline companions and the rabbit to make themselves comfortable under my jumper to no avail! I did consider secreting cat nip about my person but decided against that idea in favour of my trusty hot water bottle and so avoiding being ravaged by three ecstatic moggies!

I was very impressed with Ruby Rabbit who, having spent most of her life living inside, had become an Indoor/Outdoor bunny! I’d had trouble catching Ruby on previous occasions and I was still a little reluctant to release her into the shrubbery fearing she’d do a bunk. Ruby behaved impeccably, even coming to call! I was glad I didn’t have to employ my standard rouse `Look out for that buzzard!!’ Thus curtailing her playtime!

And so I find myself back in Minehead with Lola and Kleo the standard poodles who’d happily to sit on my lap, if I want them to and would probably get under my jumper, if the heating failed. Neither of these things I encourage as they’d obscure my view of the television and stretch my knit-wear out of shape!!