It is amazing I still have all my fingers after giving Kleo her morning biscuit! Despite saying `gently’, Kleo made a lunge for the treat and practically inhaled it! So far my reflexes have saved my didgets. Lola on the other hand, so to speak, is positively dainty and will take the smallest morsel from me most elegantly.

Rather than giving the poodles tit-bits on demand I have been saving them for acts of outstanding behaviour. No, not rescuing small children from burning buildings, that would be impressive and deserve more than a chew but coming back when called, especially if both dogs are in a squirrel fancying frame of mind. Then I proffer the bribery biscuits. I have also developed a kind of yoddle to attract their attention when the call of the wild is upon them. I have found warbling a high-pitched `hoy, hoy, hoy!’ very effective. This also works on cattle, sheep and occasionally people. Although I have had some funny looks and the odd rude comment when using it on customers who’ve left their purchases behind at my till!