I woke early to find that the pond and bird-bath had frozen over again and spent an entertaining few minutes watching a robin perform an unintentional triple salchow on the ice whilst the blue tits looked on tweeting `SEVEN!’

Despite the clumps of daffodils and primroses it felt decidedly wintry on our walk this morning. The poodles, blessed with thick coats, didn’t mind the bitter wind in the least and I eyed them enviously digging my hands further down into my pockets and pushing my chin under the upturned color of my coat.

We crunched and rustled along the paths of Moor Wood both poodles with their noses pressed intently to the ground, their ears dragging through the leaves. As another dog walker approached us his spaniel all wagging stern, I called the girls back to me in order to avoid them mobbing it with their usual enthusiastic greetings. I was very impressed by Lola’s new look, she was sporting a single skeletal leaf from the end of her bushy, black ear and looked like a fan of Adam Ant! With her frizzy top-knot there is definitely something of the 1980’s New Romantic movement about her.